Sunday, 18 January 2015

I have a Cunning Plan...........

So, projects, those ideas that randomly pop into ones head, usually after you have been to New Buckenham Historical Wargamers  (please feell free to pop over and like us), or when you have been perusing the selection of forums and blogs that we all seem to have bookmarked in our favourites folders.

Well I have narrowed my choices, down to just two, yes really just the two!!
Both projects have littered my desk at various stages over the past few years, and as I am now at the stage, where hobby spending is very limited, I have to tighten my belt, and concentrate on the things I have the most stuff for.

2015, will be the year of Pyrrhus, I have the best part of a Basic Impetus in 28mm nearly finished, and that little project has its own shiny little blog
This one has trundled along, jumping on and off the desk, when it should have been done, and dusted about, ooohhhhh about 2 years ago!!

The other project, my long suffering Spanish Civil War in 28mm, once again. Been backwards, and forwards with this one, and have left it stuffed in a box, under the desk on a number of occasions, so now its time to show it the love and respect it deserves.

This time round, I will update the two blogs, on a regular basis, and may even include some "shock,Horror" VIDEOS of me, doing things, you know flocking, scratching, a bit of converting.

So here goes

2015,  GAME ON