Sunday, 15 June 2014

Polishing off a Pachyderm, and Plopping Pigment on some Poles

And, in a sudden swerve off tangent, this week I shall be mostly

A) Polishing off the Pachyderms

Just need to paint a few minor bits, and then work up the bases, and hey presto, Pyrrhos has his Heffalumps!!
That leaves just the Agema and Greek cavalry, and the Cretan Archers to finish off, and I finally, after god knows how long, have a basic Impetus army.

Not exactly a matching pair, as I painted mine in the classic grey with pink bits, and Doug went for an odd shade of purply grey, hopefully the bases will tie them both together.

B)Plop some Pigment on a few Poles.

Yes, its true, I am a man, that never learns

A while ago, I had some Sassanid Persians, oooohhh look at them, says I, pretty, pretty, pretty, an army of them will be fab, so I duly slap a bit of paint, on a Clibanari. The effort makes me realise that pretty, is not easy, in fact its bloody hard work.

The lovely shiny Sassanids get shipped off sharpish, and all thats left is the single, solitary Clibanari, with his lovely flowery trouser ensemble.

So why oh why, do I have Renaissance Poles lurking on my painting desk?
Lurid, mad colour schemes, flamboyant, a shed load of blokes on horses!!!

Well, I love em, always wanted to paint them, and on a loft rummage, I found the impulse order I had made to The Assault Group, and hey presto

They have magically appeared on my painty space.
I quite fancy building a couple of forces for these rules

Yes I know, this is the man who got bitten by Napoleonics, and found them too complicated to paint
I estimate that one, maybe two figures will get finished, and the other poor little metal fellows, will once again become loft lagging.

Until next time fellow figure fondlers

Do Widzenia


  1. Those elephants are superb! The Persian is no slouch either; A&A?

  2. Yep, good old A&A, they have some lovely stuff.

    1. Same chap (Adam) sculpted most of those and now the Aventines, too. There are a lot buried deep in my painting queue! :-)

  3. Great run of ellies! I really like the way you've based them up.

  4. Those elephants are splendid!

  5. Terrific work on the elephants and clibanarius. You got to admit though, Polish winged hussars are one of the sexiest looking wargames units.