Monday, 22 July 2013

Napoleonic Trap........................We've all fallen into it at sometime

I did say no new periods, but, and there is always an excuse. Pyrrhus is nearing completion, and I just can't summon any enthusiasm for my SCW stuff, sad I know.
So, I wander around the various forums I belong to, and on Steve Dean this little lot appears.

Now Mr Hicks is my favourite sculptor, I find his figures easy to paint, as the detail on them is so good, and they just suit my painting style.
Saxons, Hmmmmm no one at the New Bucks club has got Saxons, these are made for the 1813 campaign, so off to t'internet to do a bit of research. We find Reynier's Division at Grossbeeren, its a good aiming point to get started 7 battalions of foot, 3 squadrons of cavalry and three gun batteries. A sample order is duly placed with Westfalia Miniatures.
So, this little project has to be self financing, as the Higgins budget does not allow a large expenditure. I have a bit of trave expenses from work to start me off, and the loft is going to get the clear out it so badly needs, tons of usless old shite, that will find its way onto ebay.
Off to order the Andrea Miniatures white paint set, OMG what have I started!!


  1. Paul does great work. I've admired the similar Poles he did for Murawski. One day...

  2. Mr. Hicks is a great sculptor. I'm tempted by Napoleonics, but 25/28 is way beyond my pocket. Maybe something in 10mm, and a Confederation of the Rhine army like Baden, Wurtemburg, Westphalia or Cleve-Burg.

  3. Never mind the loft. You'll have to sell a kidney to do this properly and you'll never b e satisfied - there's always another unit/brigade/nationality . . . .